Hybrid events

Due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the fluctuating business environment, our team made an effort to enable clients to communicate with business associates, their clients and partners without obstacles and restrictions.

Consequently, a new name for an event of its kind is being introduced around the world – THE HYBRID EVENT – as an event that combines the current traditional form of conferencing and online conferencing.

Our story

with hybrid events started many years ago. Greenvision song that we produced for Wrigley brought whole world on Kopaonik mountain. 10 years go we have implemented live stream, interactive voting and showed that meetings can be organized locally and published globally.

Use of IT and telecommunication technologies for DMC Vekol was always important part of the event. Today, we have switched to hybrid and online events, but the basics of event will never disappear. We are creating connection between real and virtual.



Web meetings




Digital team buildings

Special guests

Live stream


Analysis and reports

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