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Do it like it’s live

Virtual fairs were unsuccessful and not popular projects during the many year. Today, when is not possible to mingle or to drink a glass of wine with the partners, we need this kind of communication. Let us to create virtual fair or conference where you will have possibilities to do everything except to smell coffee during coffee break

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Virtual fairs

Webinars with virtual studios

Interactive team buildings

Education for digital technologies


Scenario and concepts

Live, digital and hybrid are the keywords of our future events and provide opportunities for a changed event industry that has opened up new avenues for us.

We have never been the same like others

DMC Vekol purpose is to create experience during live events. Emotions, feelings, memories that we bring to event, made us different then others.  12 years ago we created first hybrid event, evev we didn’t know that that kind of event will have a name like today.  

In that time and today, we are using power of technology to share expressions and to spread positive emotions all around the world. We are different and we want to make our clients unique as well.

Don’t create boring online meeting ever again.

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unique digital or hybrid event

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